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BIC South Africa EWG expansion drive at EUAfrica-ICT/P8 Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

As agreed at the BIC IAG Annual Forum, the membership of the Extended Working Group (EWG) of South Africa would be expanded to include cyber security and trustworthy ICT researchers and government members from across all Africa.

The BIC project is taking full advantage in order to recruit new members for the BIC Africa EWG at the EUAfrica-ICT P8 Forum being held on 2-3rd December, 2013. In order to maximise impact and participation, the Forum is co-located with African ICT Week 2013, being held at the African Union Headquarters in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia during 2-6th December, 2013.

The BIC coordinator, James Clarke, Waterford Institute of Technology, along with BIC International Advisory Group member Barend Taute, Manager of Contract R&D at CSIR Meraka Institute & EuroAfrica‐ICT/P8 Technical Coordinator for Africa ‐ South Africa, and Dirk Elias, Executive Director, Fraunhofer Research, Portugal are involved in co-organising session no. 2D entitled Cyber Security & Trustworthy ICT on 3rd December 2013.

The presentation made during the session can be found here –> EU-AU ICT P8 Forum Clarke

The theme of the African ICT Week for 2013 is “Promoting Pan-Africanism, African Renaissance through ICT towards AU 2063 Vision”.

For more information on trustworthy ICT research priorities between Africa and the EU, please see the following report–> D24- RankedPriority-Final-signed.

EUAfrica ICT P8 Forum 2013

EUAfrica ICT P8 Forum 2013

African ICT Week 2013

African ICT Week 2013

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