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B.BICE+ project announces results of Call for experts for EU-Brazil Tour

The International Cooperation project B.BICE+ have announced the results of the call for EU participants to the EU-Brazil Technology and Innovation Forum & Tour of Brazil (September 22nd – 25th, 2014).

Trustworthy ICT has been included in the candidates as the entry from the BIC coordinator, Waterford Institute of Technology, has been accepted.

The B.BICE+ tour includes a wide number of events in Belém, Brazil dedicated towards the pairing of European and Brazilian research and innovation actors for future collaborations.

B.BICE+ is an International Cooperation (INCO) project funded by the European Commission, whose aim is to enhance bi-lateral cooperation and to support political dialogue in Science, Technology and Innovation among the European Commission, EU Member States, Associated Countries and Brazil.

B.BICE+ and the BIC project has worked closely already and B.BICE+ participated to the BIC Brazil Extended Working Group launch workshop held in October 2013, as part of the Research Brazil Ireland conference in São Paulo.

More information on the B.BICE+ event can be found in their latest newsletter here.

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