Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT

Trust in the Digital World Conference, 18-19th April, 2013 in Brussels

Introduction to the event
This independent two-day conference organized by EEMA & TDL & CSP EU FORUM, hosted by DG CONNECT, European Commission and in partnership with the SECCORD project will comprise of a variety of presentations and panel discussions covering the key challenges and strategies available to effectively manage employee, citizen and corporate trust. The conference is an essential date for those in business, public sector and government who are involved in the policy, security, systems and processes surrounding trust.

The BIC project invites you to a session within Trust in the Digital World called Track 14: Networking and Coordination Cluster of CSAs in Trust and Security being held in the Berlayment building Room Whall from 11:00 until 13:00 on Friday 19th April 2013.

The purpose of the session is to enable Coordination and Support actions (CSA) and Network of Excellences (NoE) trust and security projects to present and discuss their activities with the following objectives:
1. Highlight the requirements for clustering to ensure a well coordinated approach for the industrial cyber security strategy in the EU and beyond;
2. CSAs and NoEs can present their core objectives, specialty areas of coverage, time line, work plan (including event planning), and expected results for 2013-2014;
3. Identify common interests and potential synergies that can be exploited amongst the projects and others in the audience;
4. Discuss and gather feedback from audience members on where the CSAs/NoEs can potentially contribute to policy initiatives including cyber security (including cloud, web security , crypto, etc.), data protection and privacy (including e-ID), NIS Technology platform, and other projects and initiatives;
5. Identifying CSA/NoEs and /or other projects and initiatives from other domains of interest/relevance.

Please join us in this session.

Who should attend
Senior business and IT professionals including:
• Chief Information Officers
• Chief Security Officers
• Chief Risk Officers
• Chief Privacy Officers
• VPs and Managers of Trust & IT Security
• Heads of Identity & Access Management
• IAM Project & programme Managers
• Researchers and Academics
• Strategists & Policy makers

Where to find more information and register
Visit our website for full details of the Trust in the Digital World conference and to register
For more information on the Cyber Security & Privacy EU Forum 2013 conference see

In conjunction with this conference which typically attracts 200 attendees from business, public sector and government from countries throughout Europe and beyond, there will be a demonstration area of some of the leading Trust and Security vendors and research projects that will be available to demonstrate the industry’s latest advances.
DG Connect would also like to invite other EU funded projects to participate and demonstrate their progress to date and give their vision for the future.

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