Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT

Final report of the BIC TAFC 2013 Workshop now available

During 6-7th June 2013, the BIC project joined together to co-organise an international workshop with the National Science Foundation’s DIMACS Center for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science, A4Cloud project, and the regional UK and Ireland branches of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

The name of the workshop was International workshop on Trustworthiness, Accountability and Forensics in the Cloud (TAFC 2013). This was in order to further explore the topics raised for potential International cooperation projects in Trustworthy ICT that have already been highlighted within their Working Groups (WGs).

The final report of the workshop is now available and can be downloaded here –> TAFC2013-Workshop-Report

Other reports on preceding events related to the building of International Cooperation in Trustworthy ICT can be found here:

Report of the 1st FP7 INCO-TRUST WORKSHOP ON “International Co-operation in Trustworthy Systems: Security, Privacy and Trust in Large-Scale Global Networks & Services as Part of the Future Internet.”, 31st March 2009 – 01st April 2009, Madrid, Spain.–> INCO-Trust-WS1

Report of the 2nd FP7 INCO-TRUST Workshop on INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN TRUST AND SECURITY; Workshop topic: International Data Exchange with Security and Privacy: Applications, Policy, Technology, and Use”,4-5th May 2010, New York, New York, USA.–> INCO-Trust-WS2

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