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PoSecCo @ ICT2013 in Vilnius!

Stop by the PoSecCo booth ICT2013 in Vilnius!

Has it already happened to you? You are sitting comfortably at home watching your favourite sports event and your favorite athlete managed to lead the entire race but now that he’s approaching the finishing line, his opponents are getting closer and closer… At this precise moment, the image gets pixelated and partially freezes! Everybody knows this annoying feeling and PoSecCo is here to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore, at least not due to IT security misconfigurations!

Come and get introduced to the functionalities offered by PoSecCo at the ICT 2013 exhibition, booth 4D3, in Vilnius from 4 to 6 November 2013!

Tired of cost-intensive and error-prone IT security processes? Too many security-related business and legal requirements imposed on your IT system? PoSecCo translates all these into IT security configurations in an as-automatic-as-possible way and offers decision-support wherever human interaction is inevitable!

Our vision is to establish and maintain a consistent, transparent, sustainable and traceable link between high-level, business-driven requirements on one side and low-level technical configuration settings on the other side. This increases the security of services and – at the same time – decreases the operating costs enabling service providers to focus more on functional aspects of their services, and service consumers and auditors to get assurance that given security objectives are met.

Come and meet our project staff who will exemplify the use of the tool through our end-user’s Paralympics video streaming scenario, which is intuitively comprehensible even for a non-technical audience. You will learn how to use the different functionalities through a top-down approach following increasing complexity, from high-level requirements down to configurations.

Most experienced users will have the opportunity to try out our tool themselves through our on-line test environment!

More information on the exact location of the stand will be published very soon!

Contact the PoSecCo project! msoignet[at]platteconsult[dot]com

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