Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT

BIC IAG Annual Forum 2013 report available

The BIC project’s International Advisory Group (IAG) Annual Forum for 2013 was co-located with the prestigious ICT 2013 event held in Vilnius, Lithuania during 6-8th November, 2013.

The purpose of the BIC IAG Annual Forum focused on opportunities for International cooperation (INCO) in relation to ICT & trust and security in Horizon 2020, the accomplishments of the BIC project during the previous year, gathering feedback for the key findings on priority research areas, act as a gathering point for other projects/initiatives to establish synergies with the BIC community, and making key recommendations for the upcoming period.

As the BIC project is concluding in December, 2013, this final annual forum took on an added significance towards making recommendations for the medium to long term strategy.

A full report of the BIC IAG Annual forum and slides presented can now be found at the web site of the event at

Wishing the BIC Community a Very Happy Christmas and New Year for 2014!!!


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