Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT

BIC India EWG October 2013 workshop report available now

The BIC India Extended Working Group (EWG) held a workshop on 11th October 2013 in New Delhi to follow up meeting of the successful launch meeting held on 21st May’ 2013 in the same venue. The report for the workshop is now available here at  –> BIC DeitY EWG Oct 13 report.

The purpose of this second EWG workshop was to discuss and agree upon the approaches, mechanisms and action points to carry forward the aspects that were already discussed and the views on the EWG objectives that emerged at the launch meeting. If interested in the report of the launch meeting also, it can be found here.


BIC invited to share know – how to the OpenChina ICT final conference in Vilnius, Lithuania

The BIC project has been invited to take part in a panel session entitled: How to move forward? at the final conference of the OpenChina ICT project. While BIC is primarily focused on building international cooperation models between the EU with Brazil, India and South Africa, it is possible that the models being created for a longer term strategy in these countries can also be extended to cooperation models with China. For more information on this prestigious conference being held the day before the ICT 2013 conference, please click OpenChina ICT final conference 2013.

BIC Brazil Extended Working Group launch meeting held 22nd Oct. ’13 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The successful launch meeting of the Brazil EWG was held on 22nd October, 2013, at the Instituto de Tecnologia de Software (ITS) in São Paulo, Brazil. More information on the launch workshop can be found here.

BIC India Extended Working Group holds a workshop on 11th October 2013 in New Delhi

The BIC India Extended Working Group (EWG) held a workshop 11th October 2013 in New Delhi to follow up meeting of the successful launch meeting held on 21st May’ 2013 in the same venue. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss and agree upon the approaches, mechanisms and action points to carry forward the aspects that were already discussed and the views on the EWG objectives that emerged at the launch meeting.

More information on this event can be found here.

NIS Platform – Working Groups Kick-off meetings held.

The first meetings of the three working groups of the Network Information Security public private Platform (NIS Platform) were held during 25-27th September 2013 in Brussels. The three working groups of the NIS Platform are covering the following areas:
WG1, on risk management, including information assurance, risks metrics and awareness raising;
WG2, on information exchange and incident coordination, including incident reporting and risks metrics for the purpose of information exchange;
WG3, on secure ICT research and innovation.

A news release of the kick off meetings can be found at:

You can join the NIS Platform debate at … #cybersecurity

BIC achievements highlighted on the European Commission Digital Agenda web site

The achievements of the BIC project have been highlighted on the European Commission’s Digital Agenda / Trust and Security web site.


PoSecCo @ ICT2013 in Vilnius!

Stop by the PoSecCo booth ICT2013 in Vilnius!

Has it already happened to you? You are sitting comfortably at home watching your favourite sports event and your favorite athlete managed to lead the entire race but now that he’s approaching the finishing line, his opponents are getting closer and closer… At this precise moment, the image gets pixelated and partially freezes! Everybody knows this annoying feeling and PoSecCo is here to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore, at least not due to IT security misconfigurations!

Come and get introduced to the functionalities offered by PoSecCo at the ICT 2013 exhibition, booth 4D3, in Vilnius from 4 to 6 November 2013!

Tired of cost-intensive and error-prone IT security processes? Too many security-related business and legal requirements imposed on your IT system? PoSecCo translates all these into IT security configurations in an as-automatic-as-possible way and offers decision-support wherever human interaction is inevitable!

Our vision is to establish and maintain a consistent, transparent, sustainable and traceable link between high-level, business-driven requirements on one side and low-level technical configuration settings on the other side. This increases the security of services and – at the same time – decreases the operating costs enabling service providers to focus more on functional aspects of their services, and service consumers and auditors to get assurance that given security objectives are met.

Come and meet our project staff who will exemplify the use of the tool through our end-user’s Paralympics video streaming scenario, which is intuitively comprehensible even for a non-technical audience. You will learn how to use the different functionalities through a top-down approach following increasing complexity, from high-level requirements down to configurations.

Most experienced users will have the opportunity to try out our tool themselves through our on-line test environment!

More information on the exact location of the stand will be published very soon!

Contact the PoSecCo project! msoignet[at]platteconsult[dot]com

BIC Brazil EWG launch meeting to be held 22nd October 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

As part of it’s long term strategy for building international cooperation, the BIC project is setting up an in-country Extended Working Group (EWG) in Brazil comprised of key members of the Brazilian research community engaged in research in all areas related to Trustworthy ICT and international cooperation.

The launch meeting of the Brazil EWG will be held on 22nd October, 2013, held at the Instituto de Tecnologia de Software (ITS) in São Paulo, Brazil. A flyer for the event can be found by clicking here –> BIC_Flyer_22Oct2013

The BIC EWG launch meeting is being held in conjunction with the Research Brazil-Ireland (RBI) launch and showcase event being held on 21st Oct. 2013 at the University of São Paulo (USP).

On a related topic, the BIC Coordinator, Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), was successful in being the number one choice and attracting the largest number of students from Brazil for the 2013 school year. See the following article for more details.

BIC IAG Annual Forum 2013 to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania during ICT 2013

In order to capitalise on the fact that many members will be attending the prestigious ICT 2013 event in Vilnius, Lithiuania, during 6-8th November 2013, the BIC International Advisory Group (IAG) Annual forum will be held on the evening of 7th November, 2013,  from 7:00pm until 10:00pm, designed to make sure there are no conflicting events being held at the same time. Refreshments and food will be served.

The venue of the event is the Holiday Inn hotel, Seimyniskiu str. 1, Vilnius LT-09312, in the city centre and this 4 star hotel is offerring a competitive special rate for the attendees of the BIC event by filling out a special order form. If you need a room here, please contact for a hotel form.

The BIC IAG Annual Forum is an annual event to enable interaction between the International Advisory Group (IAG) of BIC and the research communities in order to discuss the results during the preceding year and to discuss future developments and strategy.

In the final phase of BIC, the BIC-IAG annual forum 2013 will highlight the key findings and recommendations on EU-International priority areas and to gather final feedback from the broader BIC community, and especially from the WGs and IAG members.

During the BIC session, the BIC IAG members will be given an opportunity to make their views known about the project findings, its current impact along with discussing suggestions how to tangibly sustain the EU-International Trustworthy ICT community into H2020.

Although the BIC event is Free of charge, it is compulsory to register for the BIC event as seats are limited. Please register early as the attendance acceptance will be on a first come/first served basis. Please register by clicking the Attend button above or going directly to

For more information on the ICT 2013 event, please see International Cooperation features very well in the programme and networking sessions and there will be many sessions of direct interest to BIC participants.

Please note that ICT 2013 have their own registration process available at

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We hope you can make it!

Final report of the BIC TAFC 2013 Workshop now available

During 6-7th June 2013, the BIC project joined together to co-organise an international workshop with the National Science Foundation’s DIMACS Center for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science, A4Cloud project, and the regional UK and Ireland branches of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

The name of the workshop was International workshop on Trustworthiness, Accountability and Forensics in the Cloud (TAFC 2013). This was in order to further explore the topics raised for potential International cooperation projects in Trustworthy ICT that have already been highlighted within their Working Groups (WGs).

The final report of the workshop is now available and can be downloaded here –> TAFC2013-Workshop-Report

Other reports on preceding events related to the building of International Cooperation in Trustworthy ICT can be found here:

Report of the 1st FP7 INCO-TRUST WORKSHOP ON “International Co-operation in Trustworthy Systems: Security, Privacy and Trust in Large-Scale Global Networks & Services as Part of the Future Internet.”, 31st March 2009 – 01st April 2009, Madrid, Spain.–> INCO-Trust-WS1

Report of the 2nd FP7 INCO-TRUST Workshop on INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN TRUST AND SECURITY; Workshop topic: International Data Exchange with Security and Privacy: Applications, Policy, Technology, and Use”,4-5th May 2010, New York, New York, USA.–> INCO-Trust-WS2

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