Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT

New discussion papers added to the Project Impact section

New discussion papers have been added to the Project Impact section of the BIC web site. Please visit to read these papers. If you are interested in submitting a discussion paper on any topic in relation to the BIC Working groups, please make contact with Jim Clarke <jclarke (at) tssg {dot} org>

The BIC working groups coverage areas are:

WG1. Human oriented /citizen trust, privacy and security, which focuses on the move from the traditional technology-only oriented design of solutions towards user-centric trust and security management;
WG2. Network Information security / Cyber security, which is concerning network security, in general: security of infrastructures, systems, services, components, devices;
WG3. Programme /funding focus/ identify community, with a focus on a multi-disciplinary approach towards establishing international cooperation (INCO) between all stakeholders.

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