Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT

Successful BIC annual review held in Feb. 2014

The final annual review of the BIC project was held on 10 February, 2014, in Brussels. The review was a successful one, and the fact that the BIC project will ‘live on’ after the contractual end date of December 2013, through its International Advisory Group (IAG) and Working Group structures, contributed to its success.

During the second and third year of the project, BIC brainstormed, developed and implemented in-country EWGs (= “Extended Working Groups”) based on a model proposed by the India delegation of the IAG, within each of the target countries of India, Brazil and South Africa.

These EWGs will continue to sustain and contribute to the planning of international cooperation for trustworthy ICT, and possibly expand to other relevant topics covered in Horizon 2020, and hopefully to other countries, gaining support from their local governments and looking at a number of future opportunities in H2020.

To capture the main points of BIC in one place, the project has put together an outcome brief document, which can be found here –> BIC outcome brief March 2014.

The final publishable report is available here –> D1.10 Final report V2.0 Publishable.

If interested in participating to the Extended Working Groups, please contact jclarke[at]tssg[dot]org.

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