Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT


Starting on 1st January 2011 and running until 31st December 2013, funded within the project portfolio of European Commission’s DG CONNECT, Unit H.4, Trust and Security, the Coordination Action BIC project – Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT: Security, Privacy and Trust in Global Networks & Services – will expand the co-operation models of EU researchers and programme management with their peers in new ICT high-growth countries, specifically Brazil, India and South Africa, who represent emergent world-impacting information economies through the scale and sophistication of their growing ICT sectors.


The final annual review of the BIC project was held on 10th  February, 2014, in Brussels. The review was a successful one, and the fact that the BIC project will ‘live on’ after the contractual end date of December 2013, through its International Advisory Group (IAG) and Working Group structures, contributed to its success.

To capture the main points of the BIC project in one place following the project review, the project has put together an outcome brief document, which can be found here –> BIC outcome brief March 2014.

In addition, the BIC project was featured in a press release on the European Commission’s Digital Agenda web site here.


Although the official term of the project is now finished, we are pleased to report that the work of the BIC project continues well beyond its lifetime through the International Advisory Group and In – country Extended Working Groups (EWGs) that have been established in the final year of the project.

Some recent examples of how the BIC EWGs will continue to live and grow into H2020 can be found in the news items and a number of examples are given here:

1. 29th April 2014:  India-EU Workshop on Research & Innovation on Information and Communication Technology and Electronics (ICTE), New Delhi, India, co-organised by the Indian Government: Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) and the Delegation of the European Union to India. This event also included planning meetings between the BIC India EWG members and DeitY and the Delegation of the EU to India  in late February, 2014;

2. 11th July 2014: India – Ireland lecture being held at Waterford Institute of Technology, supported by the Science Foundation Ireland Research Ireland India project and Irish Research Council;

3. 28-29th July 2014, EU-BR 2014 Cooperation workshop being held in Brasilia, Brazil, with strong participation from the BIC EWG of Brazil.

If interested in participating to the Extended Working Groups, or becoming part of the BIC LinkedIn Group, and/or mailing lists of BIC, please contact jclarke[at]tssg[dot]org.


All of the reports of the BIC project can be found in the dedicated reports section above but here, we would like to highlight a number of recent reports:
1. Project Final Report – Publishable version [D1.10 Final report V2.0 Publishable]

2. Final Report of the Working Group Activities [D2.5_BIC_WG_V1.0]

3. Final recommendations report on future global research challenges in ICT trust and security [D32-Final-Recommendations_report_V2.0]

4. CYFY 2013, New Delhi, Conference Report, published 15th April, 2014. (Note: not an official BIC report; however, BIC coordinator, J. Clarke of Waterford IT, was in a panel session and was appointed as an official rapporteur of the CYFY 2013 Report – WEB version 15Apr14)

Note: the BIC project will continue to upload reports and news to the site so please stop back from time to time.

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