Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT

About Us

BIC – Networking ICT Trust and security researchers around the globe

The BIC Co-ordination Action project will engender co-operation of EU researchers and programme management with their peers in emergent countries who have already signed S&T agreements, namely Brazil, India and South Africa. In addition, the project will provide continuity and bring together a truly global collaboration with the participation of the already established connections from the INCO-TRUST project between the EU and the United States, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Canada.

BIC – Leveraging and expanding International cooperation events / activities

Prior to BIC, there were a number of international workshops held that initiated with the EU – US summit series starting in 2006, which have expanded to include other countries around the globe. The purpose of the series was for dedicated researchers and programme management (funding bodies) from the United States and Europe to come together to brainstorm and discuss research topics of mutual interest specifically in the areas of ICT trust and security that would gain significant impact if worked on jointly together. The workshops were supported by the European Commission within Framework programme  via Coordination action projects FP6 SecurIST and FP7 INCO-Trust and the United States National Science Foundation grant on International cooperation on Trustworthy Computing.

The following international workshops have been held to date and BIC will build upon these collaborations:
1. First EU-US Summit on Cyber Trust: System Dependability & Security, Dublin, Ireland, 15-16th November, 2006. Joint EU US Cyber Summit WS 1 Report Final
2. Second EU-US Summit Cyber Trust: System Dependability & Security, Illinois, USA, 26-27th April, 2007. Joint EU US Cyber Summit WS 2 V2.0
3. International Co-operation in Trustworthy Systems: Security, Privacy and Trust in Large-Scale Global Networks & Services as Part of the Future Internet”, Madrid, Spain, 31st March – 01st April, 2009.
4. International Co-operation in Security and Privacy International Data Exchange with Security and Privacy: Applications, Policy, Technology, and Use, New York, U.S.A., 3-5th May 2010.

BIC – Objectives

The BIC project has four core objectives:

  1. Charting the landscape of Brazil, India and South Africa and their initial potential match to EU Trust, Security and Privacy themes:
  • Country by country consultation and analysis
  • EU and the new countries:
    • face to face contacts
    • technical theme based workshops per country
    • forming core expert working group
  • Continuity of analysis:
      • EU and the existing countries
      • Formation of International Advisory Group (IAG)
  1. Prioritisation of the EU influenced vision and research directions including alignment of work programmes:
  • One event per year with all new countries involved and IAG members;
  • Prioritise the selection of themes and topics of maximum impact to the EU.
  1. Global alignment, consensus and outreach of the European visions and challenges across all targeted countries:
  • Annual European Forum on ICT Trust and Security;
  • Global convergence on priority research topics in ICT security, privacy and trust.
  1. Definition of Tangible International Activities including transnational partnerships with EU partners:
  • Jointly define metrics with countries;
  • Team building, training, coaching, assistance;
  • Ensure successful uptake and execution of BIC results;
  • Local champions forming projects.

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