Building International Cooperation for Trustworthy ICT

BIC reports

This section highlights the impacts towards the external communities via outputs of the BIC project.

These include public reports and contributions to relevant events in the international ICT Trust and Security Communities.

This section contains public reports of the BIC project:

Date Authors Title of report
28/02/14 Clarke, J., et. al. Final Project Report – Publishable version [D1.10 Final report V2.0 Publishable]
20/02/14 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC project outcome brief – result of project review [BIC outcome brief March 2014]
31/12/13 Riguidel, M. et. al. Final recommendations report on future global research challenges in ICT trust and security [D32-Final-Recommendations_report_V2.0]
31/12/13 Clarke, J. et. al. Final Report of the Working Groups Activities [D2.5_BIC_WG_V1.0]
01/12/13 Clarke, J. et. al. Report on the Final Dissemination Plan [D1.8_BIC_Final_Diss_Plan_V1.0]
07/11/13 Clarke, J. et. al. BIC IAG Annual Forum 2013 report [D4.8_BIC_IAG_Annual_Forum_2013_V1.0]
22/10/13 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC Brazil Extended Working Group Launch Workshop report [BIC Brazil EWG launch WS report]
14-15/ 10/13 Clarke, J., et. al. CYFY 2013 Conference report CYFY 2013 Report – WEB version 15Apr14. (Note: not an official BIC report: however, J. Clarke was appointed as an official rapporteur of the CyFy 2013 event report.)
11/10/13 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC-DeitY India Extended Working Group Workshop 2 report [BIC DeitY EWG Oct 13 report]
15/07/13 Riguidel, M., et. al. Report on prioritized Trust and Security themes for INCO [D2.4- RankedPriority_V1.0]
07/06/13 Clarke, J., et. al. Open workshop on scoping proposals for international projects – TAFC-2013:incl. Pre-Proceedings [D4.7_BIC_WS_2013_V1.0]Not incl. Pre-Proceedings [D4.7 BIC WS 2013_V1.0_no Annex 3]
22/05/13 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC – DeitY India Extended Working Group (EWG) Workshop [BIC DeitY EWG report final]
27/11/12 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC IAG Annual Forum 2012 report [BIC Annual forum 2012 report Final]
22-23/06/12 Clarke, J., et. al BIC Coordination of INCO and Working Groups workshop report [D4.5 BIC WG WS report V1]
31/5/12 Riguidel, M., et. al. Interim recommendations report on future global research challenges in ICT trust and security file [D3.1_BIC_final_new]
01/4/12 Clarke, J., et. al. Interim Dissemination Plan [D1.4_BIC_Int_Diss_Plan]
16/12/12 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC India – EU bi-lateral workshop report [BIC India-EU Bi-lateral workshop Dec. 2011]
28/11/11 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC IAG Annual Forum 2011 report [BIC IAG Annual Forum 2011 report]
16/08/11 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC South Africa – EU bi-lateral workshop report [BIC South Africa-EU Bi-lateral workshop]
17/07/11 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC Workshop held during the SysSec workshop [BIC WS July 2011 report]
3/05/12 Clarke, J., et. al. BIC Brazil – EU bi-lateral workshop report [BIC Brazil-EU Bi-lateral workshop]

This section contains publications and discussion papers of the BIC project:

Date Authors Title of  paper / presentation
01/11/13 Clarke, J., Sharma, A., Chaturvedi, M. Bridging the gap: Public, private participation in policy formulation in a digital society. Cover commentary for the ORF CYBER MONITOR 11/2013; Volume I(Issue 4): Cover, pp. 1-3. Linknote: this commentary article summarises the presentation given by Mr. Clarke for a for a panel session entitled “Multistakeholderism: Avoiding the PRISM Paradigm”, held during the CyFy 2013 conference 14-15th October, 2013 in New Delhi, organised by ORF and FICCI. Presentation can be found clicking here –> CyFy Clarke.
15/10/13 Sharma, A., Clarke, J. A strategic approach for Building International Cooperation (BIC) in Cyber Security: BIC success in India; Thought paper for CyFy conference, 14-15th October, 2013, The Oberoi, New Delhi, India. Sharma_Clarke_CyFy_paper
03/10/13 European Commission DAA web site BIC Intl. Cooperation Project to launch 2nd High Profile Advocacy Group in Brazil – news clipping
01/10/13 Clarke, J., et. al. Coordination of Trust and Security Project Clustering. 10/2013; ISBN: 978-3-642-41204-2 In book: Cyber Security and Privacy, Edition: Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 182, Chapter: Coordination of Trust and Security Project Clustering, Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Editors: Massimo Felici, pp.Chapter 12.  Coordination of Trust and Security Project Clustering
07/06/13 Carmen Fernandez Gago, M., et. al. Pre-Proceedings of International Workshop on Trustworthiness,
Accountability and Forensics in the Cloud (TAFC) TAFC_Pre-proceedings
19/04/13 Bodeau-Pean, C., Clarke, J. NoE and CSA CLUSTERING – CSP EU Forum 2013 report
05/12/12 Clarke, J., et. al. Trust & Security RTD in the Internet of Things – Opportunities for International cooperation. ACM publication. Clarke_ACM_SecurIT_Dec2012
27/11/12 Oliveira, C. EU research and innovation in ICT – an international cooperation perspective Oliveira_EURTDI_INCO_Nov2012
27/11/12 Boudaoud,K. International cooperation for Trust Boudaoud_INCO4Trust_Nov2012
27/11/12 Chaturvedi, MM Privacy & Security of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) Chaturvedi_PrivSecOfMobileCloud_Nov2012
27/11/12 Chaturvedi, MM Research on “Online Trust” construct in Indian context Chaturvedi_OnlineTrustInIndianContext_Nov2012
27/11/12 Coetzee, M., et. al. Trust models addressing cultural differences between communities Coetzee_TrustModelsForDiffCommunities_Nov2012
27/11/12 Riguidel, M. Worldwide usage control of digital data and computer programs RIGUIDEL_UsageControl_Nov2012
27/11/12 Sharma, A. A long term strategy: Ways to Move Forward on INCO, and Energise Collaborative Research Sharma_StrategyWaysToMoveFwd_Nov2012
27/11/12 Taute, B. Timely cybercrime information sharing between ISPs/Telcos and Banks/Police Taute_TimelyCybercrimeInfoSharing_Nov2012
01/09/12 Clarke, J., Sharma, A. A strategic approach for International Cooperation (INCO) Clarke_Sharma_INCO_Strategy_BIC_Sept2012
01/09/12 Clarke, J., et. al. Discussion paper on Trust and security of the Internet of Things [Clarke_BIC_Sept2012]
01/09/12 Pasic, A., et. al. Discussion paper on User Oriented approaches for Trust, Privacy and Security [Pasic_BIC_Sept2012]
22/06/12 Barreto, P. Research in Data Provenance Barreto_DataProvenance_June2012
22/06/12 Martinelli, F. Trust management in secure software Martinelli_TMSecureSoftware_June2012
22/06/12 Papanikolaou, N., et. al. Accountability in Cloud computing Papanikolaou_AccountabilityInCloudComputing_June2012
22/06/12 Coetzee, M. Social Computing in Emerging Countries Coetzee_SocialComputing_June2012
22/06/12 Leontaridis, L. Global perspectives of personalized Identity Management Ecosystem (GINI-SA vision) Leontaridis_GINIsaVision_June2012
22/06/12 Hartman, A., Diaz, C. Privacy and Data protection Hartman_PrivacyAndDataProtection_June2012
22/06/12 Naqvi, S. International Approaches to Security and Virtualisation Naqvi_SecurityAndVirtualisation_June2012
22/06/12 Ioannidis, S. Emerging threats and actors Ionnidis_EmergingThreatsAndActors_June2012
22/06/12 Mallery, J.C. International Data Exchange architecture for cooperation on cyber security and intelligence JCM_IntlDataExchange_June2012
22/06/12 Crespo Garcia, A. Implications arising from identity and privacy related issues on a global scale Crespo_ImplicatiosPrivacyRelatedGlobal_June2012
22/06/12 Chaturvedi, MM International Approaches to Critical Infrastructure Protection Chaturvedi_INCOforCIP_June2012
22/06/12 Preneel, B. International Approaches for Cryptography Preneel_INCOforCrypto_June2012
22/06/12 Sharma, A. International approaches for mobile security Sharma_INCOforMobiSec_June2012
22/06/12 Boudaoud,K., et. al. Requirements for user centricity Boudaoud_UsageCentricity_June2012


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