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During 21 – 22nd June 2012, in order to capitalise on a number of events being held during the same week[1], the BIC project is organising two workshops over two full days, covering their working groups (WGs) topics. Depending on your particular interests in the following terms of references for each day, you are hereby invited to attend one or both days events.
Terms of Reference
Day 1. 21st June 2012, DIAMANT Conference & Business Centre, Auguste Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium

Workshop title: Coordination of the cross domain activities in International Cooperation

Background: The European Commission is advocating and supporting strong cooperation internationally, with the following objectives:

To jointly develop ICT solutions to international societal and economic challenges relating to the security and trustworthiness of the global ICT systems, services and infrastructures;
To jointly respond to major global technological and operational challenges by developing interoperable solutions and standards;
To improve scientific and technological cooperation for mutual benefit.

At the 1st BIC Annual Forum[2] in November 2011, a key recommendation was made for enhanced coordination and information-sharing across the variety of bi-lateral International Cooperation (INCO) activities sponsored by the European Commission. As BIC spans multiple countries with a unique multi-lateral profile, BIC aims to further this recommendation by hosting a workshop that brings together the multiple projects and stakeholders that are already engaged in International cooperation with the intent to:

Explore the insights and common experiences across projects;
Identifying, discussing and assessing (a) key challenges, issues and priorities; and   (b) mechanisms for international cooperation that are already available;
Explore possible synergistic approaches for mutual collaboration, cooperation and organising future joint INCO research activities and its supporting programmes.

Objectives: The Workshop on Day 1 aims to achieve the following concrete outcomes:

From the experiences and insights of the participants, determine the ways to move forward on international cooperation, and future calls for collaborative research;
Forming the current bi-lateral (and potentially overlapping) country to country cooperation into a comprehensive and coordinated global cooperation;
Compiling a who’s who directory of agency and research contacts across the  countries;
Identification of “success metrics” for international cooperation and collaboration:

rationale – motives and goals – engagement in international cooperation;
success criteria with regard to results;
analysis and assessment of INCO impact.

Day 2. 22nd June, 2012, DIAMANT Conference & Business Centre, Auguste Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium
Workshop title: BIC technical workshop on International Cooperation in Trustworthy ICT
Background: While the focus on Day 1 of the workshop will be on the requirements, mechanisms and processes involved in building a long term strategy towards international cooperation in the RTD programme in broader areas than just Trustworthy ICT, the focus on Day 2 will be on the two technical working groups of BIC, specifically dealing with Trustworthy ICT, namely,
1. WG1. Human oriented /citizen trust, privacy and security, which will focus on topics related to a multi-disciplinary approach for international cooperation amongst all stakeholders;
2. WG2. Network Information security / Cybersecurity, which will focus on topics related to the need for international cooperation for enabling the protection of networks and systems;

Objectives: The Workshop on Day 2 aims to facilitate the WGs to provide the following outcomes:

Refine thematic focus within the domains covered by the WGs by leveraging domain knowledge, familiarity with context and environment and research experience. Shortlist a set of actionable themes to be taken up in the EU-International joint research context.
Identify and validate long term common research perspectives for international cooperation of mutual interests, aligned with the ICT trust and security research domains within the EU research vision and priorities (FP7 and H2020);
Represent stakeholder views expressed toward the decision makers (the European Commission and the respective Governments for which they carry out research) in the formulation of enabling and relevant policies;
Provide expert advice to BIC in thematic areas of competence and direct the project consortium to material, publications, activities, projects that might be of interest to BIC, its objectives and actions;
Assist the BIC project to leverage its actions, achievements within the larger community of stakeholders and institutions. This would include being an advocate for the project and taking part in the organisation of local workshops to broaden the community of participants within their respective countries.

This two day workshop was designed to enable those attending the Security workshop at the DAA event on 21st June to attend the BIC Workshop also on Day 2. The Working Groups of BIC forms one of the central pillars of the operational structure of the BIC project. The main goal of the BIC Working Groups is to bring their domain expertise and provide thought leadership to identify and validate future joint EU-International Trustworthy ICT research priorities. Each Working Group will be self organised and composed of external experts, in addition to ‘ex officio’ members from BIC, ensuring a balance of thematic expertise as well as country and organisational background (industry, research, academia and civil society). This workshop will be the first time the BIC WG members will be meeting in a face to face setting.
A call for participation: If you are a member of the program management (funding agency) involved in funding RTD or researcher engaged in projects/activities/initiatives related to international cooperation (not just in Trustworthy ICT but any INCO area is welcomed on Day 1 e.g. e-health, EU – Grid, cloud computing, Future Internet, …, and/or if you are attending the security workshop at the DAA event on 21st June and would like to attend only the day 2 workshop on trustworthy ICT subjects related to INCO, this is also most welcomed.
Organising Committee: An organising committee is currently being assembled with relevant INCO projects.
Please contact Jim Clarke <> or Neeraj Suri <>

[1] 20th June 2012 Socio-Economic Certainties and Change for the Future Internet and

21 – 22nd June 2012 Digital Agenda Assembly (DAA)


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